Maximum Pain in the Ass

Meet Mr. Brightside.
Mr. Brightside has a pain in the ass.
He must update his blog or his ass will be gone.
He is Philemon's inflamed sense of vulnerability.

Again, Mr. Brightside return after 2 weeks.
This time, Mr. Brightside wishes to narrate:
"Oh, hi!"
Mr. Brightside got tired of narrating.
He leaves the job to the anonymous other.
Who is this anonymous other?
No. Not the computer itself. Don't be stupid.
No. Not some slave from India or Timbaktu.
No, definitely not C-3PO or Jar Jar Binks.
It is none other than Light Sour o0O!

Meet Light Sour o0O.
Light Sour is a pain in the ass.
He update his blog to kick some ass.
He is Philemon's inflamed sense of sourness.

Oh, here we go again...
Last 2 Thursdays, I went for MUFY Talent Quest.
Yeah. TALENT Quest.
Yes, I do notice the irony and contradiction.
Although pestered to participate by my friends,
I ignored them like a Typical Malaysian.
Who always go, "Whatever." "Dunno. Dun care."
In fact, some people actually thought I did d-_-b
Even so, I just went there as an audience.
It started off with a girl singing High School Musical...
Too bad for her, the mic didn't work the first 3 attempts.
Then many people went by doing below average singing.
My guess is due to Sunway College's sound system.
Sunway College boleh! The sound system rules!
In fact too much to the point the echo overrules everything.
There was some people who did good ones though.
One of them even beatboxed which was actually good.
3 of my friends participated in as a dancing team.
They did songs like toxic and they did it quite well!
All because of my prior constructive criticisms.
However, they did not win any awards due to...
...unforeseen consequences where lecturers...
...called them sluts for what they wear...
...which was not even a bit sexy...envious lecturers...

Talking about TALENT and not contradicting it.
Let's just get to the top three starting from the 3rd.
My friend - Pooja who is a belly-dancing teacher.
She has her own studio and teaches this.
She gave me her card and I seriously considered it.
Well, she shaked that hips...Her hips didn't lie!
Her pants weren't on fire! My eyes weren't lying!
The ass-shaking went for minutes, stunning audience.
It was like a stun grenade thrown in which lasted for minutes.
Reminded me of my high school teacher who was like a flashbang.
He's bald head was so shiny it reflected every single light beam!
Second was an African couple which had diva voices...
They're voice was totally blew my eardrums away.
But I was able to regenerate back my eardrums immediately.
First was 3 people singing Umbrella and some Malay song...
Good but not that TALENTED...Surprised they even got top 3.
And in fact they got First. The judges are...well..."TALENTED".

Last 2 Fridays, I went to Joseph's house for dinner!
Yum...yum...never had good food since Ipoh!
Love that salad and spaghetti! Thanx lotz! Invi me again!
The next day, I went out with Jmay & Weng Sum.
In the end of the day, Jmay was really furious at one thing.
Whereas, I was really disappointed and angered at one thing.
Why so? It is because we wasted our money...
...watching one film scarring the name of a good game:

Max Payne


This film is an adaptation to the video game with the same name.
Max Payne indeed was an awesome game spawning off this film.
When I had a glimpse of the trailer, dark winged creatures appeared.
Instantly, I criticized it as it does not exist at all in the video game.

Having low expectations as it is a film based on a video game,
I watched it to realize that the dark angels are just hallucinations.
The film certainly implemented a massive change compared to the game.
However, there are of course lots of things taken in from the game.
The video game was indeed dark and noir.
However, the film aspires to do just the same...only better.
This was where it fell. It tried to reach The Dark Knight's screenplay.
It just utterly collapsed with the failed attempts of capturing emotions.
I felt no emotions watching this scenes. Emotions were bland.
The action scenes were completely bland too. No intensity involved.
The video game was popular due to they're "Bullet Time".
Bullet Time is where everything slows down except Max himself.
That's Max Payne's main highlight. However, it was only once.
Some may call it twice but the second is totally not one.
If you even played the game, the depicted bullet time...
...was so fake and different compared to the original.
It was not even what you call bullet time. It was bullshit.

The film failed at everything except one thing:
Totally smearing the name of the excellent video game.

[Rating: 2/10]
[Conclusion: Max Payne in the Ass]

Last Friday, my English lecturer asked me to be a teacher.
Later in the evening, I went out with my Sunway CF mates.
Due to my friend, Joey's belated birthday,
A bunch of us fled to seek refuge in Sunway Pyramid.
Running from what seems to be non-existant.
We had dinner at somewhere that the birthday boy hated.
Thanks to our complete ignorance, we ate at KFC anyways.
Somehow, we found ourselves being archers shooting arrows.
I bailed on that as I was too excited for the upcoming film.
It was just minutes away and I didn't want to spend more cash.
What film you may ask?

Well, I have a confession to make...I liked High School Musical.
There, you have it. I'll give the first [Rating: 7/10].
However, the 2nd didn't impress me with a [Rating: 5/10]

After hours trying to book the day prior,
My friend finally got it covered and finally we got a seat.
At the front row.....four rows from the front to be precise.
It was actually still okay as it is not as bottom as bikini bottom.
Without popcorns, I entered the threatres for the premiere of:

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

So far, being called as the last of the trilogy...finally....
High School Musical 3 starts off with a sweaty Zac Efron.
Okay, spoiler ends here. Let's talk about the cast.
I hate the main couple, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.
Zac Efron can't sing in real life and is vain about his hair.
Vanessa Hudgens is a slut with her nude pic posted online.
I like the antagonist couple though, the Evan siblings.
Yeah, I know that Ashley Tisdale got a nosejob.
But who cares as long she doesn't look like Paris Hilton?
The one who can sing better and act better are these two.
I couldn't care less about the rest of the cast...

Okay, since this is a musical as mentioned in the title.
This is one oddball. The songs are weirder and awkward.
Completely distinct from the previous two installments.
Only one or two of them were enjoyable and nice.
Speaking without any discrimination or prejudice,
They are the ones with Sharpay and Ryan Evans.
Other hits were sometimes simply ear-shearing.
It was like Shaun just "Wo Fei" out of nowhere...
...and just cut my ears with shears and then vanish.

The plot this time is not so rigid unlike the first 2 films.
It lacks the emphasis on the storyline.
It is just like asking, "How old are you?"
To which someone answers, "Oh, I'm a girl!"
You simply get lost without knowing the story at points.
As always, Sharpay will be the girl with the "attitude".
Ryan Evans will be as jolly and queer as always.
The main couple will be cuddly as always and forever.
There's memorable moments and references of previous films.
Especially, Sharpay's one and only "Mah! Mah! Prrrr! Prrrr!"
Unexpectedly, introducing new characters in the final film was...
...actually not bad as some were just simply lovable...sometimes...
To sum the final film, it was awkward and utterly disappointing.
As both a semi-fan and film critic, it was a happy ending...NOT!!!
But it is definitely A WORLD LOT better than Max Payne.

To really super duper big fans, this is what I have to say to you:
You'll either really love it big time or simply hate it.

[Rating: 3/10]
[Conclusion: Too Senior for High School]

After the film, everyone turned emo for a moment.
Several moments later, we found ourselves at Latte at 8.
We saw Jason Lo there but we just walked pass him.
Ignorance is bliss. That's the code of Malaysians.
We walked around outside Pyramid for quite a while.
Only to find ourselves inside Pyramid again, playing pool.
Birthday boy found himself as a good pool player.
As for me, I saw my potential in pool as I'm a newbie.
However, everytime I'm always left in a pinch! Despair!
Since then, everyone started using, "I'm in a pinch!"
And somehow talks about sticks and balls started...
It was meant as normal thing but it sounded wrong.
Some were enjoying from that talk but some didn't.
Me? I was just busy hitting balls with my stick.
Yeah, that sounded wrong now, doesn't it?

Later, Pyramid closed and we stayed in playing cards.
We met two guys kicking trash cans and misplacing stuff.
Nasty little rascals! Eitherways, we are Malaysians.
Ignorance is the way we live our lives in Malaysia.
We decided to stay in but got shoo-ed around 3 a.m.
We then decided to head home with a trolley.

Meet Mr. Brightside.
Mr. Brightside is the opposite of Light Sour.
He thinks that Light Sour should stop being sour.
He is Philemon's inflamed sense of adequacy.

We have good news and bad news.
The bad news is Light Sour is on leave currently.
Apparently, he was too sour that the light wasn't working.
The doctors note were:
"Light Sour has a broken ear drum from TALENT quest."
"Light Sour experienced a max pain in the ass."
"Light Sour experienced his senior years."
"Light Sour has lack of sleep."

The good news is that Mr. Brightside is here!
Since Light Sour has already mentioned almost everything,
Mr. Brightside has nothing else to say except about his apartment!
Where does Mr. Brightside live?
The Mushroom Kingdom!

As you enter the house, you see shoes lying all over the floor.
As you can see, the door is patch as it was broken by my ex-housemate.
The doorknob was broken so he just broke the door to enter!

This is how empty my living room is.
Nothing else but just junk and useless furniture.
Except for the modem at the side there which I use!
Look at the long cable connected to my room!

The kitchen which I only use to get water to boil water.
A week ago, the stove is actually totally on the floor.

My room door from inside my room.
Equipped with jacket and jeans!
Also, my epic Dark Knight poster =D

More posters in my room with a mirror and a belt.
You can see the reflection of me camwhoring my room.

At the side there are curtains blocking the windows.
Outside the window is the corridor where everyone can see me.
p.s. The curtain did not cover the whole window...
People may have already caught me nekkid =O

More posters together with my epic fail PC at the corner.
It keeps giving me one long beep and two short beeps at startup.
I always give it a smacking to show how much I love it.
That's how Malaysians roll: Smack it and it'll work!

My bed equipped with many posters and a computer in front.
Proves how much movie I have stored in my computer =D
I'm no couch potato! I'm a bed potato? More like a lion! RAWR!!

Outside my room, behind the kitchen, lies the toilet...
Why is my apartment named Mushroom Kingdom?
At the side of the toilet's door, lies a mushroom! Fungi Mushroom!
If I eat it, I'll get an extra life like in every Super Mario games!

Meet Mr. Brightside.
Mr. Brightside has a mushroom in his apartment.
He went "Eww...Gross!!!!" and screamed out loud.
He is Philemon's inflamed sense of unsavoriness.


Mr. Brightside Returns

Meet Mr. Brightside.
Mr. Brightside returns back after over 2 weeks.
He must update his blog or people will go on pestering.
He is Philemon's inflamed sense of agitation.

Mr. Brightside has been gone for more than two whole weeks!
Is he dead? Is he hospitalized? Is he even okay?
Mr. Brightside says yes and asks you to shut the hell up.
Mr. Brightside just returned to his hometown, Ipoh for raya.
What did he do there? Did he got hurt there?
Mr Brightside says patience is a virtue and shushes you.

This is what happened in Ipoh during Raya.
The Friday before raya week, he met Rachel Lim in Pyramid.
He hitchhiked her dad's car back to Ipoh.
Mr. Brightside wishes to thank Rachel Lim's dad a gazillion times.

The following day, he went out with friends and pwn players.
After pwning and getting pwned in video games,
They went to the hawker stalls besides a school named Sam Tet.
They enjoyed Lolos...especially Benjamin Tan. He loves someone's lolos.
What is a Lolo?
It's something like Ais Kacang but instead they put fruits and milk.
Is it even as good as Ais Kacang?
Mr. Brightside says yes and asks you to shut it.

That Sunday, he went to his church VCC and had Pot Bless.
What is a Pot Bless?
It's like a buffet where everyone cooks or buys 'em.
Mr. Brightside felt Ipoh was food paradise ever since he got back.
That Sunday afternoon, he went to CGMC for youth, MYF.
Mr. Brightside had lotsa fun and lol'd at Cap'n Ball.
He ate legendary food for dinner with his friends later.
What is Legendary Food?
A food that takes ages to come as if it's legendary.
Mr. Brightside says patience is a virtue.

The Monday of the raya week, he went out with classmates.
Almost everyone did not know what cinema tickets we had.
Until the movie started:

Mamma Mia!

Mama Mia! Here we go again...My, my...
Guess how the movie started?
The movie started with: "I have a dream...a song to sing..."
With a girl standing on a raft, rowing it gently down the stream.
As my big group of friends saw this, they started looking at Weng Sum.
He's the one who bought the tickets and we started calling out his name.

Regardless of that, I ignored the ZOMGWTFBBQ start.
The story? It's no Super Mario's Mamma Mia!
This story is about a girl who is getting married on an island.
She has a mom who happens to be a whore or a slut.
She doesn't know who was her real daddy. Why?
Cause her mommy had sex with 3 guys around the same time.
The girl wants the person who give her up to be her daddy.
Without brains, the girl invites all 3 daddy candidates.
Then it all goes haywire all because of her horny harlot mom.

The musical was all by Abba. It was indeed Abba-ish.
But the choreography was indeed not Abba-ish, just rubbish.
The storyline? It's a musical so it doesn't matter but it's okay anyways.
The acting was not convincing as well as the direction.
It's just that there was no "wanting for more" factor.
Unless you're an Abba or Mama Mia! fan, you'll want more songs.
Apart from that, you'll be wishing the movie will end soon.
With all the new musical films such as Enchanted and Sweeny Todd,
This film only proves why people are not into musicals.
But Thank God this was not another High School Musical.

[Rating: 4/10]
[Conclusion: Mamma Mia!]

Apart from the gaming and pwning, let's talk about Tuesday.
What's so special about Tuesday in Ipoh?
Night Market or more known as "Pasar Malam".
He went out with a big bunch which eventually got seperated.
Mr. Brightside had tasted lots of scrummy food and drinks there.
From fried ice to hotdogs, he and his friends had a great time.
With lots of nonsense and food, they were entertained.
Eventually it ended in gaming again...

The next day was the first day of Raya, Wednesday.
Mr. Brightside went to his Hazmy's house with classmates.
Ah!! Raya food is really "merayakan"...whatever that means.
And it eventually ended in gaming again...
Later, they went downstairs for McDonalds.
So happens that he had my signature McDonalds' Kids Card.
What happens next?
More than a dozen of them got free ice cream or fries.
Certainly an extra better edition of a Happy Meal =D
What happens next?
ISCF friends called Mr. Brightside out later.
And it eventually ended in gaming again...yes...again...

Again and again till Friday where Mr. Brightside went to theatres for:

Eagle Eye

This movie has a "I, Robot" (film) and Portal (video game) storyline.
It's the kind of film where almost everything's cliché...
...but yet you can enjoy watching it...
There were certain scenes that was nice but there were only few.
There was certainly nothing memorable in this movie at all.

Well, if you don't understand, well here's the how it starts off...
Man and woman receive call from anonymous stranger.
Ask them to do something or else he die and her son die.
Something like, "You have been activated."
Then something like, "Disobey and you die".
Later something like, "You have 5 seconds to duck."

The plot? Too simple too figure out as they tell you everything.
The jokes? I don't remember any. If there was, it ain't that funny.
The thrill? I could barely feel the thrill at all...no suspense...
The action? As mentioned before, certain few scenes only.
You'll be longing for more action but there's just not enough.
And sometimes, the action is just too plain or obvious.
With all those many flaws, this film seems like a doo-doo.
Don't get it wrong, you still can enjoy this B-Rated film.
Although the execution of this film is bad, it's still watchable.

[Rating: 4/10]
[Conclusion: Pigeon Eye]

Certainly, my friends and I made fun of it.
Imagine that I have an anonymous caller saying:
"You have been activated. Follow every word I say."
I'll be like, "Oh, hey. Wassup? How about this Thursday night?"
The voice will be like, "You have 10 minutes to kill Jeremy!"
I'll be like, "Haha. I could do that in 1 but why would I do that?"
The voice will be like, "Disobey me and I steal your cookie!"
And I'll kill Jeremy almost immediately.
But if the voice asks me to kneel down before it.
Shas would scold me and rebuke me.
And I most probably would ask him to pack his bags and leave.
To which he'll ask me to mark in down in the calender...

And as you guessed it...
It eventually ended in gaming again...
Even after finishing my assignments on Saturday,
It eventually ended in gaming again...
And of course, gamings usually lead to suppers...
All the week's suppers were so delicious!
To the point that Mr. Brightside wants to lick the plate.
Even Mamak food is as nice as Ipoh's McDonalds.

That certainly didn't make any sense but...
Mr. Brightside had to leave on Sunday.
After church at VCC, he ate Cheese Baked Rice.
That is his last happy meal ever in Ipoh.
Right after, he hitchhiked his Pastor's car.
Dropped off at Subang Parade, he missed Ipoh instantly.
He's gonna miss the food so badly, extremely badly...
Because food in Sunway sucks...

It was Tuesday then. It was MUFY Sharity Day...
What is MUFY Sharity Day?
Monash University Foundation Year Charity Drive...umm...Day...
Somehow, Mr. Brightside was selling tickets for Sharity Day that day.
Waving tickets in the air and howling nonsense indeed attracted customers.
"Buy one ticket and save a starving kid from dying in Africa!"
"Buy one, Get one!"
"Be a man. Do the right thing. Buy one!"
"You better buy one or I CUT OFF YOUR HANDS!"
Those are few of the lines howled by Mr. Brightside.
It felt like he was in Pudu selling bus tickets...
Not only that Mr. Brightside also supported by other means...
Like buying nice as well as disgusting food and drinks.
Also forced to finish off his coupon tickets on a deco-object...

And it eventually ended in...NO!!! Not gaming again finally!!!
It eventually ended with him in the Henna booth with his friend, May.
What is Henna?
An art which could be considered a temporary tattoo...
She drew nonsense all over his arms and face...and even polish my nails.
To which he tried to remove with Nail Polish remover but it made it worse...
It looks like he damaged my fingernails or something...anyways...He let it be...
As he rubbed away ugly Henna art, there are some that stayed all the way...
May is a bad artist D=<
Eventually, Mr. Brightside...no...no more gaming...not in Ipoh anymore!
Mr. Brightside was forced to live with few obvious henna marks for few weeks...

"Let's put a smile on your face!" May said. T_T

Somehow, he drew a "LION!" henna on his left hand himself...

Mr. Brightside facepalmed after he saw his face defiled by tainted by barbarities.

Mr. Brightside does not wish to go on further with the attaint.
But there was one really bad news...Jon Silendra got Dengue Fever...
Just got out of the hospital...hopefully...he'll be back in shape in no time!
My friend said, "Hope he don't die!"
I said, "Touch wood! Touch wood! Choi! Choi!" Stupid person.
I've been bitten by alot of mosquitoes recently...
I hope it won't be me next... =O
The blood of Christ shall protect me! The blood of Christ shall protect me!
Out! Out! Brief mosquito! The way to dusty death!

He found himself on Thursday in Sunway CF.
And started singing "True Love's Kiss" from Enchanted...
And forced to sing songs by Jonas Brothers...
And realized that he has a "your voice not bad ar~"
Filled with extreme pride, he ate at Burger King with fellow CF-ers.
All of a sudden, they started talking about toilets and disgusting stuff.
And it eventually ended with sleeping instead of gaming...

The following Friday, as Mr. Brightside was going to go to campus,
The landlady came rushing in and hitting the door as he was showering.
He quickly finished off and rushed out...
A little background:
After he came back to his apartment in Sunway from Ipoh,
Mr. Brightside just realized his housemate moved out.

About few days later like Tuesday or something,
Another couple moved in. A fat Malay lady and a dark-skinned man.
Ever since they moved in, all Mr. Brightside see was the fat lady once...
He heard her shower in the toilet and use his toiletries (shampoo and stuff).
After she left, he headed for the toilet, the mat outside was soaked wet.
He then checked inside, the whole toilet paper roll was wet inside out!
And she broke the handle that suppose to hold clothes! WHOA!
Just how violently fat is she? And she is really scary-looking too!

As he suspected, he saw his toiletries out of place.
She's been using it without permission!
The day prior:
Mr. Brightside was collecting his new key from the landlady.
She said that the new couple that moved in did not pay their rent.
Therefore, she had to change the lock so that they can't enter.
And they have been avoiding her and even changed their number.
The landlady told him that to tell them to see her if they want the key.
Later in his apartment, Mr. Brightside saw them the second time.
They shouted at him. They forced him to unlock the door.
Mr. Brightside asked them to shut up and go see the landlady.
They were never heard from since...
As Mr. Brightside got out of the shower, there stood the landlady.
She opened the door to the new housemate's room.
Inside the room was my other housemate from another room.
The other housemate was a lady living with her husband.
Much to her surprise, she found her stuff inside their cabinet!
Grand Theft Auto! She didn't even realize she lost them!
Ninja Gaiden! Her cell, pendrive and even her lingerie!!!
Everything inside smells and seems like stolen stuff.
After taking back what's rightfully hers,
We threw away most of their furniture.
I never knew that my neighbour was a fat ninja pirate queen!
Thank God I did not lose anything. Thank God!

Friday came...Joseph asked him to go out for a basketball game.
He agreed and proved that he sucked big time at it.
Anyways, it was worth it as he got to see Joseph's huge ass of a house!
He told Joseph he was trying to be a typical Malaysian...
So he told him that he would definitely camwhore his house which he did.

"Awesome house is awesome. Awesome house in Bangsar."

"He turned his cell to the left and this is what he got."

"As he walked towards the entrance, next to it lied the foyer"

"As he entered, there lied the grand living hall..."

"He walked further to see the grand dining hall..."

"As he turned to the left, there lied the room with a pool table!"

"Joseph has a dog, CJ, named after GTA: San Andreas' main character!"

Meet Mr. Brightside.
Awesome Mr. Brightside is awesome.
Handsome Mr. Brightside is handsome.
He is Philemon's inflamed sense of honesty.


Psycho - Pathology !!!

Meet Mr. Brightside.
He forgotten to camwhore this week,
Henceforth, he is not a good camwhore like you.
He is Philemon's inflamed sense of decadency....NOT!!!

Let's take a look at Friday. Philemon, who was totally unprepared yet enlightened, sat for his unsettling Computer Science test. He found no discommode at the MCQs but when he came to the subjective section of the paper, Philemon found himself completely bedazzled at the befuddling questions given. The questions were merely to play tricks in your head like the Kangaroos from Australia, where the papers were from. The indirect and obscuring questions certainly even raised an alarm to the teachers during the test. As they bicker about the bewildering questions, Philemon decided that he just pass up the paper and get his rear end out of the inept joint of classes where it was held.

Along with his happy three friends, Joseph, Yu Ji and Ashwin. They positioned their trust on Joseph as he brought them with his father's aesthetic automobile towards Sunway Pyramid, where Philemon always drained his pockets everytime. Yet another time, the four Computer Science students found themselves in a middle of an MCQ. A gruelling question regarding the film to savour in. The conclusion was:


As they approached the big screen with soft drinks and popcorn, they watched the film. Somewhere around the middle, Yu Ji received a phone call. She picked it up. Thank heavens that she spoke quite gently as she mentioned that she was in a theatre. She mentioned that she was watching "Pathogen" causing an uproar. Even her anserine questions remind me of the Computer Science test prior.

Being Philemon, he will always be the Simon Cowell of movies. The film was concerning doctors and corpses. It was indeed revolting and disgusting. The storyline was mediocre as well as the screenplay and direction. Everything was so mediocre to the point of causing the film to be a drag. There were indeed some sickening scenes which was barely exhilarating. Although there were scenes that were meant for suspense, it just failed. The film could have done so much better if not for the Malaysian Censorship Board. Philemon had just turned 18 and the film was too rated 18 and above. However, the film was cut almost 20 minutes and almost a hundred times. The movie was deadening like the corpses but it taught me one word. One word which Philemon would love to reminisce about later.

[Rating: 3/10]
[Conclusion: Just like a Cadaver]

After the film, everyone responsively eliminated their liquid excretory product. It was more than an hour past the what Malaysians anticipate as "buka puasa". The fantastic four indulged their appetite in Jack Daniel's meal in TGIF where the Bill Kills instead. Nevertheless, Philemon truly reveled in his repast. Moving on, the group of four found themselves next to a Ronald McDonald landmark in Pyramid which was taking a seat on a bench, staring straight into Wendy's. All of them knew that McDonalds would someday take interest in a female adversary. They proceeded to take advantage of the seemingly inanimate Ronald McDonald. They McMolested him. They McTwist his inconspicuous nipples. They kick him in his Big Mac. They gave him a McFrench kiss. They messed with him so much that they were pretty sure that he lost his McVirginity. Leaving the hapless matter alone, a pair of girls took over and continued violating his McRights, McCam-whoring with Ronald McDonald. The four eminent individuals spotted a female Computer Science lecturer to which we greet. Within few seconds, they spotted noticed a male Computer Science lecturer to which we told the female one: "Oooooooooooooohhhhh!!!!" She flushed and she blushed as she explained to them that they were married. Leaving the crimsoned couple alone, they marveled that there could be a possibility that their teacher is actually making up an excuse for going out but they bothered no longer as they got themselves luscious dessert before they return back to their respective humble abodes.

Back at home, Philemon reminisce about the one word he learnt from the film he watched. The word was Buzzkill. It was the English word for "Fong Fei Kei" or "Potong Stim". As he recollect back what he has learnt, there were plenty others which he forgotten. Antecedently, Philemon used Party Pooper or Spoilsport. However, it only meant to spoil to fun. "Fong Fei Kei" or "Potong Stim" could also mean to break promise at the very last minute which does not suit the word 'Party Pooper' or 'Spoilsport'. Buzzkill was the word. To Philemon's astonishment, there were more words to the likes of Buzzkill such as Killjoy, Wet Blanket and FKO which delineates Fun Knock-Out. Therefore, Philemon has reached a conclusion. The most suitable English words for "Fong Fei Kei" and "Potong Stim" is Buzzkill, Killjoy, Wet Blanket or FKO depending on the situation. Philemon prefers to use Buzzkill and Killjoy above the rest and here Philemon rests his case.

Meet Mr. Brightside.
He always get a Wet Blanket,
So he can pass around to you!
He is Philemon's inflamed sense of retribution.

We are not at rest yet as Adrian has tagged Philemon a long time ago.
Philemon decided that he should finally take off the burden and get rid of it.

The rules are simple.
1. You shall put your music player on shuffle.
2. You shall press forward for each question.
3. You shall use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING!
4. You shall give your own comments on how it relates to the questions.

How are you feeling today?
Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold
[Chillaxing to the max!! Taking it easy, baby!]

Will you get far in life?
Rockstar by Nickelback
[I'm gonna be Rockstar! Groovy, Baby, YEAHHH!!!]

How do your friends see you?
Hallelujah by Paramore
[Praise the Lord indeed!!! Yeah!!!]

What is your best friend's theme song?
Money Right by Flo Rida
[My best friend loves money right!]

What is the story of your life?
Hot N' Cold by Katy Perry
[Wow, this is pretty accurate. I am HAWT and Cold-hearted!]

What was high school like?
Careful Where You Stand by Coldplay
[Careful where I stand? I just totally can't stand it!]

How can you get ahead in life?
If I Never See Your Face Again by Maroon 5
[Yeah! If I never see your face again, I can get ahead in life!]

What is the best thing about your friends?
Make Me Better by Fabolous
[They make me better? More like I make them better =P ]

What is in the store for this weekend?
That's What You Get by Paramore
[Well, I get what I get! Like duh!]

How is your life going?
Mad World by Gary Jules
[It is a Mad World out there! Especially when I'm in it!]

What song will they play on your funeral?
Bright Lights by Matchbox Twenty
[Mr. Brightside indeed...]

What do your friends really think about you?
Sonny by Funeral For A Friend
[They obviously think of me as a male child...]

Do people secretly lust about you?
The Red by Chevelle
[Oh, NO!!! You all lust my blood!! Or just my violence? =P]

How can I make myself happy?
Things I Don't Understand by Coldplay
[That proves that I shouldn't have gone to school at all]

What should you do with your life?
Victims of Love by Good Charlotte
[I should be a victim of love! Groovy, baby, YEAHHH!!! ]

Will you ever have children?
Glamorous by Fergie
[I'll have glamorous children! Glamorous like me!!!!]

Meet Mr. Brightside.
He does not like to tag or be tagged,
So don't tag or he will tag you!
He is Philemon's inflamed sense of chafe.